What is Optimizely One?

Optimizely One: Revolutionising Marketing with AI-Driven Content Optimisation In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. Enter Optimizely One, the ground-breaking product from Optimizely, which is poised to reshape how marketers create, manage, and optimise their content. At its core, Optimizely One is hailed as the world’s … Read more

Gap Analysis in Optimizely Web Experimentation

How to Conduct Gap Analysis In the context of Optimizely Web Experimentation, “Gap Analysis” refers to the process of identifying discrepancies or gaps between the current state or performance of a webpage or digital experience and the desired state or performance. Gap Analysis is a crucial exercise in the optimisation process and involves the following … Read more

Minimum Detectable Effect in Optimizely Web Experimentation

Understanding Minimum Detectable Effect Minimum Detectable Effect (MDE) is a statistical calculation in Optimizely Web Experimentation. In simple terms, it represents the smallest relative change in conversion rate that warrants detection. To illustrate, if your baseline conversion rate is 20%, and you set an MDE of 10%, your experiment will identify any conversion rate shifts … Read more

Optimizely Web Experimentation Metrics

Within the domain of Optimizely Web Experimentation Metrics, the emphasis is on objective key performance indicators (KPIs) selected to assess an experiment’s outcomes and impact. These metrics serve as essential indicators guiding experiments towards the attainment of an organisation’s overarching objectives. In this exploration, we delve into the role and significance of metrics, uncovering their … Read more

How to Install Optimizely Foundation?

What is Optimizely Foundation? Optimizely Foundation is an open-source project offered by Episerver, now Optimizely, providing a structured and modular reference architecture for developers. It enables the integration of various Optimizely products into solutions. With projects for CMS, Customized Commerce, Personalization, Search & Navigation, and the Community API, developers can select and include or exclude … Read more

Optimizely Certifications

In this article we will cover the various types of certifications that Optimizely offers to individuals. This will enable them to demonstrate their proficiency in the different products available on the platform. Optimizely provides certifications across three main areas, Content, Commerce and Experimentation. Each of the certifications are described in detail below, alongside useful references … Read more

What is Optimizely?

In this article, we will delve into Optmizely’s identity, explore its product suite, and outline how each of these products can benefit developers and businesses seeking to harness the platform’s capabilities. If you’re curious about what Optimizely is, you’ll find your answer below. Optimizely and Episerver were two independent entities that joined forces in 2021 … Read more

What is Optimizely Full Stack?

Optimizely Full Stack Optimizely Full Stack is a Feature Flagging and Experimentation Platform for apps and websites. All functionality is controlled through the various client-side and server-side open-source Optimizely SDKs. Getting Started with Optimizely Full Stack

How to Install Optimizely?

Optimizely Installation Instructions Below you will find detailed instructions on how to install Optimizely CMS12, including the Alloy Demo content on your local machine. Once installed, you’ll be ready to create your own bespoke content managed site, with the added benefit of ready to use templates to show you the way. To get started you’ll … Read more